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Fakka has a goal of making investing in gold easy and fruitful for average / the most of people. While giving small or individual investors access to tools that help them diversify their investment portfolio at low costs, we also make it easy for people to develop and profit from saving habits. We came up with an idea to combine gold investment and technology to help people make better investment and trading decisions. Hence, Fakka team built a unique platform where users can buy gold in micro quantities, and make money off real deals in the market. We help people profit form their savings and convert these savings into wealth which increase and get bigger day by day. We Offer gold bullions for purchase and storage, so people can buy the gold bullions, then they choose to: - ship it immediately - ship it later - keep it in our safe storage then resell it to us later. about us

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Mohamed Gharib Ahmed Nasr Islam Nabil our team

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